Accompanying Rabbi Lamichhane with Sage Dhamla.

Prime times hd The program “People Want to Know” aired on Nepali television including Dhamla’s attack. The parties concerned have a special debate on how many service facilities have been provided. Rabbi Lamichhane, who has gained a lot of publicity in Nepali media in a short period of time, said that it is a big thing to get rid of the bad tendencies in Nepali politics and move towards positive defecation.

“Even when the rabbi is in jail, the innocent man should not be out of jail with the government man, the criminal should not be out, the man who has won the hearts of the people by engaging in communication activities should not be kept in jail,” he said. He said that he was very happy to open a new party as people from all walks of life could come to Nepali politics. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post,” Dhamala said.

Sage Dhamala has said that he has no interest in opening a political party and has always supported good people. He says he does not want to see the Nepali people suffering. From politics to politics on June 2, Rabbi went to the National Assembly on July 7, announcing the National Independent Party, and its election symbol was the bell. Some people protested, saying they could not even claim to be free, which is now being discussed in the country and abroad.

For a long time in the field of communication, raising the issues of the people, Rishi Dhamala has been debating with people from every field in the “People Want to Know” program. Dhamala, who works continuously from 5 am to 12 pm, has been talking to people of all walks of life in Nepali society. The sage, who attacks people through various questions, brings out the activities of many people in the Yash program. Dhamala, who joined the magazine at the age of 13, now runs live programs on media including radio and television.

Dhamala’s questions, which are also the president of the Reports Club, have won the hearts of many people. Dhamla, who has spent a long time in the field of communication, has been spending a long time in the field of communication till today. Along with , Dhamla, who is in the field of communication, says that he is now paying special attention to food. Dhamala constantly insists that everyone should play a role in building a positive society by bringing out the reality of the happenings in the society. He emphasized on the need to bring justice to the common people by bringing their suffering in the media.

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