According to Balen vision, the infrastructure ambulance left for Kathmandu

Balen Sah, who is now in the limelight in the country and abroad, is constantly working on his previous agenda. He said that the first step would be to make Kathmandu clean. As the infrastructure ambulance is brought to the road and the work is in full swing, the locals are overjoyed. In addition to removing the garbage in Kathmandu, filling the potholes in the road, the road maintenance work has been started in the present time. The locals are very happy to see this work.

Garbage in Kathmandu has also caused some people to fall ill and lose their lives. Garbage has been piled up in Sisdol for a long time, some of them have lost their lives quickly, and nowadays their children have demanded to manage the garbage so that they do not lose their lives in the same way. Health check-ups have been conducted in Sisdol for two decades to check the health of people suffering from health problems due to garbage. With the health of the locals as a special priority, the health Sibir is said to have been conducted, the locals are happy and thank Balen Sah.

Even if the garbage is piled up in one place outside, its stench will spread to many places. By adding chemicals to remove the stench in it, the garbage will be buried after ten days. He said that he has implemented the task given by the Council of Ministers as soon as possible and the work has been taken forward. He said that any citizen of Kathmandu should start from himself to get out of dirty air and dirty talk.

Balen Sah, who has shown commitment to manage the garbage of Kathmandu, has been working tirelessly day and night after taking office to pick up the garbage that has not been collected for 17 days. After months of garbage piled up in the streets, the people of Kathmandu have come to believe that Balen Sah will do something. According to the commitment, Mayor Balen, who broadcast the first executive meeting live, decided to use the toilets of the restaurant hotels in Kathmandu as public toilets from the same meeting. Toilets are being used as public toilets.

After the victory of Balen Sah, who became an independent candidate for the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, less than 24 hours later, he started working in the field to fulfill his commitment. Sah, who thinks that the metropolis will be clean and beautiful and the people of Kathmandu will be the companions of happiness and sorrow, is doing his work accordingly. He said that there are so many problems here and they should be on the way to solve them. They are openly praised.

“Our country is a country with great potential in all fields including agro-tourism. If we can make good use of the opportunities here, Nepalis should stay away from the compulsion to go abroad,” he said. According to Balen, it is essential for the youth to take the lead in bringing about change in the Nepali society. She said that the youth should show their power in changing the society. In a time when the old society and culture are changing, people are robbing others of their happiness for their own happiness, even though the society calls me crazy, my rhythm is my own, I rejoice in my world, many people forget the social culture and walk in their world He called for a change in the status quo.

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