According to the media, Radha did not even leave her mother-in-law

In Ranikot, Ward No. 5, Sarada Municipality, Salyan, two brothers-in-law have brutally murdered a brother-in-law.  Brothers-in-law are considered to be like mother and son according to Nepali culture.  People get lost. People have many dreams in their lives. Thousands of their dreams are lost in an instant.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.  Radha Poudel and Laxmi Chand, who have a house in Salyan, have been investigating what was the motive behind the murder of Debar.  Laughing and joking, he asked why his brother had to lose his precious life the next day.

The secret of their lives is not yet known. In the evening, brother Churnu Bahadur Chand, deceased Ser Bahadur Chand and brother-in-law Radha Poudel had a drink together. Laxmi Chand was also with them.  He did not know the reason for his brother’s death. He said that he felt that if he had lost his brother after drinking alcohol in the evening, he would have lost his life if he had been with him.  Churna, who is considered normal, says that he could not believe the loss of his brother who was with him in the evening.

According to Ser Bahadur’s wife, he did not stay at home for a long time and his sister used to behave well.  According to the Oda chairman, Radha and Laxmi also said that there was no evidence that they had attempted to rape her.  According to the chairman, none of his details show that he was raped.  .

According to Ser Bahadur’s brother-in-law, she threw an ax at him when she tried to hit him while fetching water from the room. According to her mother-in-law, her daughter-in-law’s activities were already bad.  According to her mother-in-law, no one knew about the incident when she was stabbed to death in the house and her body was burnt in the bush.  How people can kill each other using a weapon has been a topic of discussion lately.

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