Achal Sharma in here bold look.

Achal Sharma, who is involved in the preparation of Nepali film Var and Badhu, which includes new and old actors, has been presented along with her team.  She said that she looked like a heroine after seeing him with a hero.  Sharma, who is constantly in his work, says that he has to move forward by constantly struggling in his work, rather than what others say.  She says that even though people create divisions from outside, she should always continue in her work.

She says that after getting involved in the field of art, she has to continue her work even if various things create divisions.  She said that since there is a difference of opinion between people, there is no need for anyone to explain it.  When the right time comes for anything, it will play a good role, she said, adding that the film, which carries the reality of Nepali society, will be destroyed.  She said that the film was made by incorporating various reactions in human life, which will give a good response to the society.

The film, which is being made with pilot Bijay Lama, is said to have a positive message in the society.  He said that it is being shown in Nepali cinema by including various incidents that have taken place in the society.  Achal has said that he is moving forward with his new movie, having his own movie and working hard to become Paul Sah.  She said that since she loves Achal’s acting, she got excited to work with him.  She says that when Achal works with a new talent, she gets a chance to learn a lot.

She said that being an artist should be able to capture the intellect of others, adding that working with a new and old artist is also beneficial for her.  She said that she has benefited a lot from learning from others what she does not have.  She said that she was convinced that the entire team had already worked hard to make the film in the movie Bar and Badhu.  She said that in order for a society to do anything, a person must have a different kind of motivation and that the whole team has done it with faith, and she is sure that the movie will be liked by the audience.

The movie music video of Achal Sarma, a very popular actress in the Nepali film industry and cinema, has become one hit after another.  Due to the inspiration of her work copy, she has become very popular among the viewers.  Man is always moving forward in the struggle with a goal in mind, which determines man’s destiny.

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