Action taken by Kulman Ghising, bold decision made, business of using state property

There are few people who work for the country and the people. Everyone is focused on how to fill their bellies when they get to the chair. But Kulman had enlightened Nepal. He was re-appointed after the Nepali Congress government came to power.  As soon as he went to work, he started taking new steps again. He continues to be honest in his work. Because of his honesty, the Nepali people have considered him as God. He has become an exemplary employee of Nepal.  The company has made a new history by ignoring the fact that it is rich. It has raised the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and made it profitable.


Ghising believes in work. He is considered a hero by the people. His work is highly appreciated by the people. Electricity is an indispensable tool in any field. It shows the world.  The world is dark without electricity. Ghising, who has worked in the electricity sector for a long time, has a good knowledge of how to use electricity.  He is fully aware that the country can be uplifted. He seems to be in the minds of the people for a month. He does not seem to have any personal greed. He gives priority to work first and foremost.  He had a good experience in the field of electricity, so he made progress in the field of electrical technology in a short period of time.

Ghising is an exemplary person who spreads the light of light in the city market village. Something new happens with his arrival.  Ghising is a great person who is determined to work day and night. He is a person who works by showing how to save and consume electricity with the help of new technology.  Ghising has made a new history by breaking the same wrong tendency. Everyone has praised his work. His time without work.  They have also given a message to the spending habits. They have also shown in the society that they are getting support from all sectors by working hard.

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