Actor Buddhi Tamang tied the knot with Anu Thing at a family gathering

Comedian Buddhi Tamang is tied the knot, he tied the knot with Anu Thing from Makwanpur on Friday.  Thing, who is bound in marriage by family consent, is a successful artist.  Buddhi Tamang, who went through a lot of pain in life, got married after reaching age.  Buddhi and Anu, who have been in a relationship for a long time, have turned their love into marriage.

Buddhi Tamang, who is famous for his role as ‘Hate’ in telefilms and films, is a well-known actor who has recently been busy in music videos, telefilms and feature films.  Buddhi Tamang’s relatives invited some famous artists to the wedding.  He got married to Anu Thing today with the consent of the family, his wedding picture was released by artist Kedar Prasad Ghimire ‘Magne Budha’.  39-year-old Tamang is a successful theater and film actor.  He came into limelight especially with the movie ‘Kabaddi’ series.

In the life of a person, marriage fast is also a chapter of life, according to religion, caste, language, culture, traditions, customs, behavior, people interfere in the marriage bond in different ways.  Some get married at a young age, while some get married after reaching maturity and standing on their own feet.  Marriage binds a person to a responsible, family bond, which brings many changes in his life.  In people’s life, some people get married with pomp, while others get married in a normal way.

Marriage According to their tradition, they get married together with everyone with pomp, marriage is also mandatory in life for people.  When they reach the age of understanding each other, the possibility of getting hurt later on getting married is less.  Since both of them got married knowing each other’s life, they say that they will lead a good life later, they became people during the work field life struggle.

After meeting, they maintain a close relationship and get married. Her husband says that the marriage of the couple was held with great fanfare, and people from all walks of life came and rejoiced at their wedding.  She says that those who have progressed in the society by struggling with various kinds of pleasures have developed a relationship quickly, those who have progressed by introducing equal meetings and have established good friendships, they say that they have established good friendships, she says that she does not have any problems as there are people who understand in both of their homes.  When people associate, after two people’s hearts match, life becomes easy, their life’s joys and sorrows increase, and they enter into a marriage bond to live their lives.

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