Actor Karishma Holi at Godawari – Binod Manandhar Birthday Celebration

Every year, evergreen actor Karishma Manandhar celebrates Holi, On the day of Phagun Shukla Purnima, the festival of Holi is being celebrated in the Himalayan and hilly districts today. This type of celebration is organized for the 14 years. This is the best celebration of Holi In kathmandu . Film producer & Director Binod Manandhar also celebrated his birthday on Holi .

With the advent of spring, the Phagu festival, which brings a message of mutual harmony and harmony, is traditionally celebrated today with a variety of colors and Lola games. This festival, which was celebrated in the valley a few years ago, has become more civilized lately due to the activism of the police.In the age of Treta, when Daityaraja Hiranyakashyapu forced his sister Holika, who had received the gift of fire from Brahma, to enter the fire burning with Prahlada for the purpose of killing his son Prahlada.

Specially In Holi you can make Malpua > Malpua is best for holi program specially in Terai region of nepal. Malpuwas is traditionally made in many home during holi, Thiar festival. Malpua is best with goat meat ,chicken meat as well as khir. I am sharing this recipe of sweet malpua that every can make in their home easily. THis recipe can be made using milk or milk powder.

The festival mainly celebrated for five days. Rang Panchami, the 5th day of Holi marks as the closing day of the Holi festival. As already mentioned above, Holi is the festival of colors. During the days of Holi, we can mostly see the people wearing white T-shirt printed with Holi word. Different delicious foods are prepared during these days like- Guniya, Yoghurt, Chiura and Malpuas. Especially the city of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal, Biratnagar, and Dharan filled of with varieties of colors. During this festival, people put different varieties of colors including-red, yellow, white, blue, green, purple and so on, on each other and share their happiness between them. They sing, dance and worship the Lord Krishna and put colors on his idol. People play colors using Pichkaris, Buckets and Balloons, filled with colored waters. Especially the children enjoy and have fun by throwing colored paint at each other with their friends.

Different color of Holi symbolizes different virtues which includes power, purity and love. During the days of Holi there is no restriction of throwing colors among the fellows but in this year 2021, some prohibition is given by the Nepal Government because of the pandemic period caused by COVID-19. It is better to play Holi with natural colors rather than artificial ones, which is made up of a lot of chemicals. Because artificial colors may contain a lot of harmful chemicals which may cause severe affect on our health. Its our right to enjoy our festival, but in the same time we should be responsible towards our health. We should also be concerned towards other health because some peoples may have allergic reaction because of the chemical colors. So, we have to be very careful before applying colors to our fellows. We need to make sure that Holi is played in a safe environment. Holi comes with a festival to forgive, to rejoin the broken bonds and to again fall in love through the exchange of food, colors, sweets, embraces and smiles. Friends and relatives visit each other house on this auspicious day to seek for the blessings and spread happiness among each other. Holi is that festival which remind us the victory of good over evils.

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