Actor Prashant Tamang going to be a father.

Indian Idol and actor Prashant Tamang, Reporting that his wife Martha Eli was pregnant, Prashant described it as “another beginning”. Mentioning that this news was a surprise to his fans, he said that he was very excited about the news that he was going to be a father.

Prashant’s wife Martha is also an air hostess by profession. Prashant is currently in India and he is also preparing to come to Nepal for a new film soon. “I’m excited,” he wrote. This is just the beginning. I am waiting for love, ‘writes Prashant. Prashant’s wife Martha is also an air hostess by profession. The film ‘Paradeshi 2’ starring Prashant is being prepared for release.

People’s life in flood-affected Bara Nijgadh is becoming normal: People’s life in Nijgadh has become normal due to incessant rains. People’s lives are returning to normal after the floods and inundation subsided.

The houses, shops and offices of various places including the mess of the Area Police Office Nijgadh and the Shahid Chowk area of ​​the East-West Highway were submerged due to the floods that came after two consecutive days.

Homes, shops and offices have been submerged due to the floods. Dozens of houses in wards 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Nijgadh Municipality were inundated by the floods. The flood affected the area from Shahid Chowk to Lachka on the east side of the highway.

Police Inspector Sanjeev Oli informed that the utensils in the mess of the Area Police Office Nijgadh were washed away by the flood. Inspector Oli informed that the police were taken to a hotel in Nijgadh Bazaar and fed after the floods and mudslides.

After the flood started flowing from the main gate of the office, the police had built a sandbag to control it. But floodwaters from the back of the building flooded the outpost’s mess and washed away supplies.

A team comprising Nijgadh Municipality Mayor Surath Puri and Deputy Chief Sommaya Thing, Ward No. 7 Chairman Tek Bahadur Lama and Ward No. 9 Ward Chairman Ram Chandra Katuwal had inspected the affected area of ​​the East-West Highway.

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