Actress Jenny Kunwar commits suicide

Film actress Jenny Kunwar has passed away. He died at his Sunrise City apartment in Thapagaun, Kathmandu at 9 pm on Thursday, according to police.

According to police, her body was found inside Sahi apartment. According to the police, a preliminary investigation has revealed that she had committed suicide and a case is being prepared. Police said that Kuwar was depressed.

After the incident, the police had questioned Kuwar husband Man Bahadur. According to her husband statement to the police, Jenny had been in Depression for a year. Jenny, who had been in Bipasha for six months, was in a critical condition.

Lately, she was in the incarnation of a sadhu and spent most of her time at the Pashupati temple premises. She had gone viral on YouTube after having a scuffle with the police at Pashupati premises. Kunwar made her film debut in ‘Zindagani’. She has acted in many films including Le Maidan, Jinnadata, Kanun, Abhimanyu.

Nepali film actress Jenny Kunwar has passed away. She was found in a state of shock at her Sunrise City apartment in Thapagaon, Kathmandu at 9 pm on Thursday. A preliminary police investigation has revealed that he died. Jenny has been in depression for the past year. Police have also found a Su-Said note from the spot. A suicide note was also found along with the body. In the note, she writes that she is a victim of depression.

She was living with her husband on the third floor of the Sunrise City apartment. According to police, Jenny was found lying in a kitchen with a rope around her neck. She had been taking depressants for over a year. She had been living in Vipassana for about six months. After the incident, the police had questioned Kuwar’s husband Man Bahadur.

Jenny started her acting career in the movie ‘Zindagani’. Since then, she has acted in more than three dozen films including ‘Maidan, Jinnadata, Kanun, Abhimanyu, Malai Maaf Garideu, Halchal’. Lately, she used to spend most of her time at Pashupati premises.

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