Actress Jenny Kunwar’s last farewell, the flag of Nepal Film Association was hoisted on her body as a tribute.

Jenny Kunwar, who was found hanging in her own apartment, has been cremated. Jenny, who once raised her voice about the chaotic activities taking place in Pashupati area, is making her last journey from Pashupati Aryaghat today. She committed suicide in her own apartment in Sunrise. Police found a suicide note with him. The suicide note stated that he had suffered from depression and had committed suicide. His body was taken to Pashupati Aryaghat for burial today. At one time, Jenny used to live in this Pashupati area.

Many people have reached Pashupati Aryaghat for his last farewell. A strong presence of film workers can be seen. Even during the Corona epidemic, many artists have come to pay tribute to him. Jenny had acted in Nepali movies and TV movies. Jenny arrived in Nepal in 2057 BS to learn dance and acting. At the same time, she got a chance to act in a TV series called Invisible Labor. From that time onwards, his acting journey continued unabated. She has acted in more than a dozen commercial films. She has made more than 3 films herself and even acted in music videos. Apart from this, she was also involved in various social activities. Some time ago, she was attracted to spirituality. According to Nepali filmmakers, his death has damaged Nepali films as well.

Lately, she has traveled to many religious areas to meditate. The artists even say that he has no health problem as he has spiritual thoughts. A team including Nepal Film Association President Aakash Adhikari had reached Pashupati on his last farewell. Apart from this, people including social engineer Punya Gautam were also present. As he is also a member of the Nepal Film Association, the Nepal Film Association paid homage to him by flying the flag of the association. According to Aakash Adhikari, president of the Film Association, the association has lost a good actor and actress with the death of Jenny Kunwar. He paid his last respects, saying that his soul was at peace.

Her husband Kamal Kunwar was also present for Jenny Kunwar’s final farewell. Her husband paid his last respects to Jyoti by offering flowers. Social engineer Punya Gautam, on the other hand, became emotional remembering Jenny Kunwar. He paid his last respects, saying he did not believe Jenny had committed suicide. According to Suchitra Shrestha, a close friend of Jenny’s, Jenny and she worked together in various organizations. Chitra knew all about Jenny’s activities in the Pashupatinath area. She even said that Jenny obeyed. Finally, everyone paid their last respects by offering flowers on Jenny’s body.

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