Actress Keki Adhikari has changes in her hairstyle and her Love life.

keki after shaving, beauty without hair can not be described, Actress Keki Adhikari, who has managed to establish her own mark in the Nepali film world, has undergone some changes in her hairstyle. The beauty and color of her hair has changed. Keki, an artist who specializes in adapting herself to the character as per the story has changed not only herself but also the shape of her hair. According to her, the artist has to do what the story demands. Her experience in his own words

According to the roll, the hair was cut at home. But when she cut her hair, she knew that without hair, a girl would not be beautiful. When I had hair, I would walk as easily as I used to. After shaving my hair, it would not be easy. In my own eyes, even though the meaning of beauty is wide, I don’t think that beauty should be hair. But our society has a very different point of view. But after shaving my hair, I found out that it is difficult to find a project with this character of a girl. Nowhere is a girl portrayed in this way.

I can’t say that I lost other projects because of my haircut. But it has been postponed for a while. While portraying the character in unnatural hair, the character might not have come as requested by the story. That’s why they moved after the project, maybe it’s beneficial for me too.

After cutting my hair, I have not really missed my hair yet. Because every day seemed to be a waste of time for care. But after losing my hair, I felt very light and comfortable. Adding everything does not mean that there is beauty in it. As soon as it breaks, it carries the story. While the couple was saying that they would cut their hair, the mother had told them to keep their hair. Now I have kept that hair safely.

I was shocked when the news of Nazir and my engagement came out on social media. If we really have to give such news later, what can happen? Another question is whether it will be breaking news. At the same time, the credibility and secrecy of the media can be questioned.
My friends are in the process of becoming mothers. That is a very happy thing for me. But I don’t think about it now. Because it may take a few years for them to fit into the film of the character of becoming a mother. So the responsibility of playing that kind of character probably falls on me. So now I don’t think about getting married until my friends are fit and fine and return to the market.

2077, which was spent in the atmosphere of Corona, got better with some fear. Got to spend time with family. Read many books, watched movies, made a garden close to the soil, started the second season of comedy champion. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

My own first priority was always to work. Maya, Prem could not spare time about marriage. Therefore, it seems that many things have been left out. But I don’t think Gilt Phil. Because the success of the work has added to the happiness.
Nowadays, I have to give a lot of time to my parents because sitting with them and talking to them, listening to their daily routine is a kind of happiness. I don’t know what happens after sharing happiness with them.

Even after the start of the new year, I am not the kind of person who makes such a plan. But I used to read a lot of books, but now I have lost the habit. Now I have got into the habit of reading 10 pages of books daily. No matter how tired I feel, I have been reading.

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