Actress Namrata, who became a hermit, says about the Paul episode: The minor singer should have been sent to teach, not to sing.

Namrata who has been Ascetic has talked about Paul shah and Samikshya Adhakari. She talks about the Trending case of Paul and Samikshya. As samikshya is under 18, Namrata said she should be sent to college not in singing. She could have this career after her Degree also. The only thing she needs is education. As namrata stated, Samikshya still has a lot to learn, but with a decent education, many of her questions would be answered.

For the past several months, Nepali actor Paul Shah has been in the spotlight for his relationship with well-known singer Samikshya Adhikari. Following months of back-and-forth claims on social media, tape of the actor’s chat was made public. As a result, there was a lot of conjecture about the case.

In October of 2021, a police report on Samikshya and an agreement between the two celebrities. Following the story, they both rejected the allegations and stated that they were friends.

but The victim of rape, a child musician, has modified her story in court. The small singer then clarified that her accusation against actor Paul Shah was false.

Paul Shah is now awaiting trial. The victim singer stated in Tanahu District Court today (Sunday) that the details given in the complaint were false. According to a lawyer challenging the case on behalf of the victim, her prior statement was not written by her but by the police.

Since the lesser singer become antagonistic, the situation has taken a turn. Paul Shah is pleased with her banknote. Meanwhile, Paul’s family is suspected of influencing the singer’s family to modify her story. She acted antagonistic, according to a lawyer who spoke on her behalf. She claims Paul was not the perpetrator.

She claimed that she did not submit a statement to the police and that she wrote exactly what she was told to write. She claimed to have been raped three times in Pokhara, Tanahun, and Gaidakot. She suddenly claims that she was forced to say it.

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