Actress Rupa Lama cried and finally spoke, she was sexually abused

Heroines and heroines working in the Nepali film industry have been very divided in recent times. When she arrived, she could not even look him in the face, said Rupa. The man who ran the big music company, although now involved in a controversy, did not name the man.

She said that many people who have done a good job for Nepalis and Nepalis have been insulting her when they call her for a music video, put two blindfolds in the room and keep a wrong eye on her. Rupa Lama is also the winner of Harites Nepal 2017. In the same competition, she also won the award of Public Choice and Best Personality. Rupa, who made her debut in the movie Tamang in 2014, has been modeling in music videos lately. Recently, she has also shared her views on Kabaddi 4, Miruna Magar and Phurpa Tamang.

Rupa, who is also a member of the Lama community, said that she had a lot of opinions, even though Miruna was in the right place. Rupa says that she has been suffering from depression for some time now. Rupa says that she is less visible in this field because she earns respect by working with good people, rather than making a lot of money and appearing in music videos. After working with the wrong people for ten years, she said that she has only done 25 music videos for a long time as she has a habit of working only with good people rather than coming to the media crying.

People in the Nepali modeling field say that no one can do anything when they are walking in the right way, even if they look at themselves with various harisments, sous, bad eyes, while continuing their work. “Because there are so many different people in the same society, some people have different views,” she said. People walk different paths according to the social environment, which depicts the human tongue.

She said that now the artists are also getting embarrassed. Earlier, when the artist made a mistake, the audience would forgive the small mistake, but now the tendency to make even the small mistake of the artist big and abusive is increasing day by day. She said that in order to be seen in the YouTube music video movie, no one should come in the air, if she is able, she can avoid any kind of harassment. “Everyone wants to make a good name for themselves, so everyone should look at each other better,” she said.

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