Actress Sumina Ghimire financial support to the film technician

The Corona epidemic has affected all areas. Each region has its own pain. In this situation, even the film technicians have not been able to remain untouched. Actress Sumina Ghimire has distributed aid to film technicians who are facing financial problems. Not only her but also her husband Captain Roshan Sapkota and her family have joined hands to distribute relief. According to Puskar Lama, president of the Film Technical Association, actress Sumina and her family have distributed aid to 40 families.

When Sumina found out that the film technicians were in trouble, she told Lama that she would help. Earlier, Captain Vijay Lama had distributed aid to the families of 50 technicians. As the heroine is Sumina’s area, it is natural for her to be worried, but her husband Roshan seems more worried than her, says Lama. Everyone is in trouble because of the epidemic. However, the couple are eager to help others.

Saying that none of the technical brothers should go hungry, Sumina said that they are trying to provide Koseli rather than relief. There are 15 hundred people in this area. All but one of them are in trouble. Lama says that he is trying to provide relief to all of them so that they can earn a living.

Captain Sapkota says that he also distributed gas, rice and noodles to those who were in trouble due to corona last year. At that time, relief was distributed without any formality. Pushkar Lama, president of the technical association, had said in the news that the technicians in the film sector were not getting food. After watching the news, Sumina expressed her desire to help. Those in the upper echelons of the film industry do not have much of a problem. However, she said that Sumina had expressed her desire to help Roshan as the technicians were starving.

According to Roshan, the assistance has been provided to 40 households for one and a half months of food as they are providing personal assistance. He said that instead of giving relief in two days and getting into trouble again, the assistance was provided with a plan to give to a small number of families but for a long time.

Roshan Sapkota has been working for Tara Airlines for the past six years. He is currently working as a senior pilot.
Sumina Corona Kahar, who moved away from the film industry after her marriage, said she was happy to be able to help in her field. She says that she decided to stay away from the movie industry because she wanted to spend more time with her family. Her husband still tells her to play in the film, but she says that Sumina herself has moved away from the area for the sake of her family.

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