Adarsh ​​lost his father due to medical mafia

The medical mafia is rampant in Nepal. Every hospital, medical are all indulging in their own selfishness. Only those with access get hospital beds and facilities for treatment here. There is no alternative to dying prematurely because of the poor and lack of access. A striking example of this is the comedian Adarsh ​​Mishra. He has released a video with evidence that his father lost his life without treatment. The video has now gone viral on social media.

Her father, who has been undergoing dialysis for the past two years due to kidney problems, has finally died. Her father had been running the hospital in a systematic way even though he was undergoing dalosis twice a week. He has asked the Prime Minister, who has been in the chair of the country for two kidney transplants, why he can’t get a kidney transplant twice as he is in power in the country. He accused Mishra’s father, who had been undergoing dialysis twice a week, of not doing dialysis properly for three hours instead of four.

He said that even the nurses who took care of the patients were negligent. Adarsh, who makes the audience laugh in stand-up comedy, has released a 10-minute video saying that he could not save his father. The 10-minute video reveals all the reasons for his father’s death. Everyone’s eyes watered after watching her video. From this video, it is clear from the Prime Minister of the country how the medical mafia has played with the lives of 30 million people.

Many countries have provided oxygen cylinders to Nepal due to the shortage of oxygen along with the increase in corona infection in Nepal. Nepalis who have been selling their labor abroad have cut the gas and sent cylinders so that their families and relatives do not have to lose their lives due to lack of oxygen.

But the responsible people in charge of the country are busy doing politics in the same cylinder sent by the Nepali youth. Forest Minister Prem Bahadur Ale had claimed that he had bought the cylinder with his own money. He claimed that he had bought 60 cylinders provided by the health service department out of 75 oxygen cylinders distributed at the district hospital .

He even had a sticker with his photo on the cylinder, which he claimed he had bought with his own money. But his lie did not last long. The minister had even made a VAT bill saying that he had bought the cylinder from China for Rs 1.559 million. But it has been confirmed that the VAT is fake. There is a provision of no VAT on oxygen cylinders. However, it was found that Rs 175,400 was added to the VAT bill prepared by the minister.

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