Aditya Narayan Jha visit to Nepal

Bollywood actor and singer Aditya Narayan Jha has come to Nepal. He arrived in Nepal on Friday evening. Aditya, who is popular in the field of music and acting, has said that he has come to Nepal for two days because he likes Nepal’s language, culture, culture and structure. When artists of international labels come to Nepal, it sends a good message to the country and abroad and Nepal’s promotion is also done abroad.

He has come to Nepal to perform at a musical event today. He said that he will show his talent in Nepal and entertain the Nepali audience. Aditya is a successful artist who is popular in the country and abroad. Talking to media persons at Tribhuvan International Airport, singer Jha said that he would be happy to come to Nepal. He said that in Nepal there are different types of fun and entertainment. He said that he got a lot of love from the audience.

He said that he was very excited and happy to come to Nepal for two days for the program. However, I am planning to come back to Nepal soon. I like to tour Nepal’, singer Jha said, ‘I am releasing a Nepali song in January. This is the first Nepali song I prepared. It is believed that this will increase the closeness with Nepal.

He said that although he understands Nepali well, he has some problems in speaking. Most of the Indian artists have said that even though they understand Nepali clearly, they cannot speak it. Organizers believe that his arrival will also help in tourism promotion. Organizers have said that when foreign artists come to Nepal, Nepal will develop in all economic and physical sectors, Nepali art culture, traditions, and natural resources will be propagated abroad.

Singer Jha is the son of famous Indian singer Udit Narayan Jha. Aditya, who came into limelight by hosting shows like Saregmapa, X Factor and Khatara Khatara, Indian Idol, made his debut in Nepali song music with ‘Kusume Rumaal 2’ as a playback singer. His talents seem to have a very good market. Aditya, who is winning the hearts of the audience, has said that he is going to join one project after another to come to Nepal.

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