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Books on how espionage works are available in the market everywhere in the world. In addition to this, many spy films can also be seen. Usually, as soon as you say spy, it becomes the shape of a character dressed in suit boots. But sometimes it turns out to be a form of espionage. Today we are going to discuss a similar format.

From time to time we read about the history of people using different animals for espionage. The most widely used bird is the dove. In ancient Rome, pigeons were used to send secret messages. Since then, the bird has been used as a reliable agent. Even during World War I, cameras were attached to pigeons and sent to find out about the enemy. It used to take photos of certain times to find out about the activities of the enemy.

Domestic cats were also used for spying. The CIA fitted a radio transmitter, microphone and antenna to the cat’s body for an operation. The cat was sent during a conversation with Soviet special people. But later the cat died in a car crash.
Detectives go so far as to find out what they are doing and do not hesitate to put a tool in their stomach. You have to be very careful while spying. There are so many types it’s hard to say. The CIA had developed various secret tools for espionage. The tool was placed inside the spy’s abdomen. After the work was done, the tool was removed from the anus and cleaned and used.

Anything that can be easily taken to any time and place is a means of entertainment. Taking advantage of this, spies do their job. Germany’s prisoners of war had to stay away from fun. However, some inmates, including the Red Cross, had access to sports equipment. Prisoners used to smuggle tools in the same sporting goods. Similarly, in the 20th century, to make it easier for spies, maps were drawn and sent within hours. Soaking a normal looking card in water and tearing it apart would provide important information such as a map. During the Second World War, a quick way to make a map on a silk scarf was devised. Detectives began to use it more when the map drawn on such scarves was safer than on paper.

There has been a lot of development in espionage in the last few years. In this case, the technology is being used for spying. There are many types of microphones, cameras and many more.

Using code is also a smart way to make your point unreadable by other people. This requires converting the message to a secret code. This method is said to have been used in ancient Greece and even earlier. At that time, the alphabet was exchanged by the army by writing it on the ribbon in a zigzag manner. It contained important information related to the military plan.

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