Adventurous Commando Mission of The History

In this video, we can learn many more about the adventurous command operation of history which travels about 4000km far and saves the lives of about 120 peoples.

On 27th Jun, 1976 French airways139 took off it’s flights to land at Paris and the condition was normal till the 26 min of its takeoff. But when the 4 people inside the airway stood up from their seats, the people inside the airways started to panic. They four have  handguns and pistols in their hands.

 After seeing all this scenario, the passengers get to know that they are now being kidnapped by the terrorist. Among the four terrorists, two were Palestine and two were Germania and they had asked the pilot to land the plane at Entebbe international airport and also give the notice that if they don’t obey their saying, then they will shoot them with their guns. 

When the terrorist got to know about the less fuel in the plane they asked the pilot to land at Libya for the first and after the sufficient sublimation of fuel inside the plane, the pilot was asked to take off from there. In this kidnap, the main reason is that Israel had kept their Palestine people with them so, to rescue them, they too kidnapped the Isarel people and demanded the Isarel Government to rescue the Palestines, otherwise they too won’t leave their Israel citizens.

To rescue the Israel peoples, the Israel government had held the biggest commando operation in the history and in this operation Israel became successful to rescue the 120 peoples and land them to their homeland in a safe way.

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  1. Tara Ale

    This story is very very interesting. How the Israeli Commandos achieved this kind of very very dangerous mission. This is because help from God who is the Supreme Commander of Israel’s Army and creator of The Heaven and The Earth. PRAISE THE LORD.

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