Advocate Balkrishna neupane revealed parties secrets, Rishi Dhamala shocked to know the secret

If the politics of the country takes a bad shape, the people will be saddened, people will come to the road after the injustice has been done. The people have been protesting against the basic needs of the people, taking action against the will of the people. “Those who killed the Nepali people, those who went to run the government, now do not believe us,” he said.

Neupane said that where Hindus used to have faith, the key was to show their faith because of Korna at 12 o’clock at night. He said that there are thousands of people in Swayambhu, Buddhism, Ratna Park, there is no need to go there, but only Hinduism is going to go there, he said that Hinduism should be able to come from Nepal. He said that the government’s practice of playing an important role in saving the nation, on the day of Prithvinarayan Sah’s birth anniversary and on Christmas day without taking leave, was wrong.

He said that the Badarika Agent had come to Nepal from the Delhi Accord to worship at Pasupati during Korna, keeping other temples open and closed at Pasupati. He said that after knocking on the door at 12 o’clock at night, there may be a plan to supply the idols there. He said that Khadak Prasad Oli was wearing it.

The newly elected Rajendra Lingden has said that he will bring a Hindu nation and a king when the Pasupati temple is closed. Why don’t he speak? He said that worship should be allowed by enforcing the rules of entry and exit of 25 persons. He said that other places have been constructed quickly without constructing religious sites.

He said that development did not happen because of the king, we suffered because we did not get rights, those who said goodbye to the king, now remember Afghanistan, the people there are suffering because of the sufferings of their women and sisters. He also said that a big initiative is being taken to pass the mcc. He said that the Nepali people should take to the streets against such a system that would be fatal to Nepal. He said that work has been done. We have remained silent even in Narayanhiti, Baluwatar, Pasupati property. Now we have to bring the king to save our lives as well. He has said the thing.

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