Advocate Neupane alleges that he was instructed to excavate the Chure to end the existence of the Terai region

Central Chairman of the Nepali Party for Nepal, political analyst and advocate Bal Krishna Neupane says that communists do not love the country. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and President Vidyadevi Bhandari had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court seeking reinstatement of the dissolved parliament. The writ petition is being heard in the Constitutional Court. The case has been pending for the past one week. Opposition parties are working to restore the parliament.

Prime Minister Oli, on the other hand, is busy forming a new cabinet by bringing in some leaders of the opposition. If the parliament is reconstituted, the cabinet will be automatically dissolved. Advocate Neupane says that the Prime Minister has given all this to the goats and put them in a cage. He said that the goats would turn wherever the green grass was. Therefore, the opportunists have joined Oli’s new cabinet, he said.

In the budget announced by the government for the fiscal year 2078/07, provision has been made to sell ballast sand. Even when Jhala Nath Khanal was the Prime Minister, he had advocated for the crusher industry in the region. According to Neupane, Khanal’s son has run the crusher industry himself. Also, Khanal’s son has become a contractor on the same basis. With the arrangement of running the crusher industry in this way, Khanal had provided a great opportunity for his son to earn money. Advocate Neupane says that the current Prime Minister Oli has learned the same lesson.

However, Oli does not like the Terai region. The main source of income in this area is the Chure area. He has alleged that Oli has come up with a plan to destroy the Chure in order to merge the Terai region with India. If the Chure part and the Chure forest are cleared, the Terai region is sure to turn into a desert. He said that those who went to Delhi and sold the country with a 12-point agreement were trying to destroy the very existence of the Terai. He has an objection that the sellers are selling the country for money. He says communists will never be nationalists or patriots.

The government is investing millions of rupees by establishing Chure Conservation in the Terai region. President Chure is raising his cadres by passing a budget for conservation. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Chidambaram’s government. There are many things to sell in Nepal. He says that selling water is the best. Even now, the water of Ganesh Himal of Nepal is being supplied to foreign and big hotels.

UML leader Ram Kumari Jhankri’s statement that he would set fire to water means that if KP Oli is removed from the post of Prime Minister, it is a sign that Nepal’s river will be given to India, said Neupane. Therefore, Oli Hos or Jhankri is a contractor that sells all over the country, he said.

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