Advocate reveals that Pal Shah will not be sued on both sides

Actor Pal Shah is currently in police custody. A 17-year-old singer had lodged a complaint against her alleging that she had committed suicide against her will.

He has contacted the police five days after the girl lodged the complaint. At present, the Tanahu police has started investigation after a seven-day period from the court. Police have started taking statements from today.

The same girl has lodged a similar complaint at the Gaindakot Police Office in Nawalpur on Sunday, the day she surrendered to the police. Last April, actor Paul accused her of taking two days to complete a day’s work. She has mentioned that she has been taxed at a resort in Gaindakot for two days for the purpose of tax evasion.

However, advocates have said that the same person cannot be prosecuted in different places in the same case. The lawyer said that it was not possible to lodge a complaint in another place after the complaint was lodged in Tanahu and the process of action has already started.

According to the lawyer, it is not necessary for the victim to file a complaint in the criminal case and since anyone else can file a complaint, it may have been filed by someone else. However, Gaindakot police has not registered the complaint so far. Police said that they will investigate the matter and register only if necessary.

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