African singer Beyonce Mundre in Mundre ko comedy club

There are many foreigners in Nepal who speak Nepali and love Nepal. Mundre and viunsi sang a song infront of mundre ko comedy club ,Mundre Ko Comedy Club is a Nepali stand-up comedy and also a talk show ,

Beyonce is celebrate with mundre and his team where as she is so lovely and she said that I fell so much happy and relexed that she got a chance to sing ‘fulbate sari ” , Beyonce changed her hairstyle to make her look better and nice with sari, mundere is lunching or showing her at his show very soon, rajen contact her to interview in mundre ko comedy club , mundre said that she sang live song with her brother in his show ,.Beyonce is one of them. She is African. Beyonce, who was detained in Nepal during the lockdown, is now able to speak Nepali fluently. Not only does she speak Nepali, she also knows how to sing Nepali folk songs in an equally good rhythm. Her speech and song captivate everyone. If there is one song that has caused a shake in the Nepali music industry after Lockdown, it is ‘Fulbutte Sari’. This song charm Nepalis all over the world. However, this song has attracted not only Nepalis, but also foreigners. Ugandan singer sang the cover of this song too . Her video has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube. Her voice is going viral even in nepali tiktok family and other countries too.

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