After 12 years, the millionaire father returned home from the road

After 12 years, the millionaire father returned home from the road Son spoke in the media – crying farewell from the road, We have mostly heard about violence against women but not only women have been victims of violence, men have also become victims of domestic violence. Damodar Prasad Adhikari, a 70-year-old man from Kumarigarh in Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been wandering the streets for the past 12 years.

He is now sitting around a temple. An online TV reporter had interviewed him after seeing him sitting near the temple for several days.

Her son called her father to come home after the media broadcast him. When he asked her to come and pick him up, he replied that he had not moved to the same place as before. .

He is survived by two sons, a daughter and a wife. The daughter is married. He says that he had to leave home to save his life after he got into a fight with his wife day and night after he got into trouble with his wife at home. He alleges that his wife, especially his sister-in-law, pushed him.

He said that he was treated unfairly in every aspect of the house, he was treated unfairly even in ration water, he was not even informed about the house rent and he was not informed about any behavior of the house.

He says that his wife never woke up in the morning, never spoke well, never said goodbye to herself, and never woke up in the morning. Watch the rest in the video below

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