After 15 years, Prachanda was overwhelmed with remorse, the return of the monarchy was necessary to save Nepal’s existence

Advocate Bishnu Bhattarai has presented his views on the then Nepali politics. The allegations made by Prime Minister KP Oli against Prachanda and Madhav Nepal are not correct in themselves. Did the Prime Minister find out about the incident only after 15 years? Why did you sit quietly before this? Yesterday, while uniting with Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Oli had made a statement saying that we should fly airplanes and not helicopters. It was Oli who said that both Oli and Prachanda would have been prime ministers if the constitution had given them. The two got interested yesterday and flew the plane. Today, selfishness is barren and one starts blaming the other. People like the Prime Minister of the country, people like the executive are guilty of the Badarmudhe incident or the martyrdom of 17,000 people. Isn’t a person like the Prime Minister a person who builds a crime-free country? Then why don’t we arrest the culprits and take action?

The fact that Nepalis have more than Rs 42 billion in Swiss bank has become public. Due to corona infection and natural calamities in Nepal, some Nepalis have not received two meals a day. If they could withdraw the money kept in the Swiss bank, the Nepali people would not have to go hungry. Now that Prachanda has lost his self-interest, it is not right to accuse him. Therefore, the system characters and importers are all to blame for the Nepali people.
While building a country with federalism, democracy, republicanism and secularism, the people are seeing what kind of characters our culture, traditions, customs, values ​​and constitutional monarchy should be when they are torn apart. While bringing the republic through the people’s movement in 2062 BS, these characters, including Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and five other Bhupu prime ministers, used to call themselves the pioneers of the republic. At present, the Prime Minister is advocating that the Nepali Congress is the tail of Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Oli had exchanged red roses with Prachanda three years ago. This may make him feel remorseful. So who is right, Nepali party leaders? This is something that the public needs to analyze.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is considered the pioneer of this constitution, had said that there was foreign pressure like the time when the constitution was being drafted. Does this mean that the constitution has been brought under whose leadership? He said he did not want to be named as he did not want enmity with any of his neighbors or allies. After all, the neighboring countries are continuing to attack. Nepali people voted for 5 parties but now it has changed to 8 parties.

Those who agreed with Delhi’s 12-point agreement have expressed their dissatisfaction after 15 years. Advocate Bhattarai said that the Nepali people should be ready for the people’s movement including the army to protect Nepal’s independence.

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