After 5 years, independents will win at all local levels: Sagar Dhakal

Sagar Dhakal, who has been raising the voice that the country’s executive person or prime minister should be an expert visionary who has studied ‘youth’ from a young age, when he was contesting elections from the home district of Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba, as he has broken the will of independent people, after 5 years, independent youths will hold elections. He said he will win. He said that he was left behind because of the lack of time to explain to the parents of elderly people who live in Bada Pakha Dadapakha.

There are signs that both parties who have the vision that youth should come in leadership will bring youth leadership in the elections.He has said that he has received a lot of support from youth groups with signs such as National Independent Party and Lauro. Sagar said that he could have won if he had been in the plains and because of the large amount of budget spent in the hilly areas, even though he had fallen behind, a new positive message had been sent to the society. In the 500th episode of the common question broadcasted on July 17, 2017, he had a meeting with Sher Bahadur Deuba, who was the Prime Minister at that time.

During the broadcast of the program, he asked some questions to the Prime Minister, due to which there was a heated argument between the two of them. That question got a lot of discussion in the social network, which has now prompted Sagar Dhakal to contest the elections from Dadeldhura. Sagar Dhakal, who has worked in different countries and entered Nepal thinking that he will do something in Nepal after studying abroad, has been continuously moving his steps forward in recent times. Sagar has said that his candidacy is not against Deuba, but to awaken the youth of the Far West against his grandfather.

Dhakal has brought a proposal with a national agenda that young people under the age of 40 should be allowed to become the prime minister of the country. He told Dainik Online that national and international Nepali experts have responded positively to the proposal. Considering the suggestions of experts, Dhakal has made a plan to select most of the candidates under 40 years of age in the upcoming elections and make only those under 40 as the prime minister. Saying that everyone will support his plan, he says, ‘I am ready to become the Prime Minister to make this campaign successful and I am also ready to be Mahatma Gandhi or Vivekand without taking any political position.’

He further said, ‘I have completed my Masters from Oxford, I have worked as an international engineer in 8/10 countries in the fields of waste management, water supply and hydropower, I have traveled to 20 countries, and I have advised the Chinese government while working in an international organization in China. Ravi Lamichhane, who has just started a new party, and Rajendra Lingden, president of RPP, have been asked by him not to appoint him as the Prime Minister even though he considers them as his parents and role models. Sagar has said that Ravi and Lingden of the father’s generation should include all the independent youth and move forward, but should not appoint the Prime Minister.

165 regions of the country each capable youth and 4 others. He said that Harak Sampang can become the Prime Minister if he can walk with 5 learned people and do a ‘campaign’.A few days ago, Parivartka Samwahkah Abhiyan (Nepal Change Maker League) had a virtual discussion in Kathmandu about how to select independent and honest party leaders with independent ideology and clean image in the upcoming elections and help them win the elections. He said that he was happy that his agenda was accepted by various independent parties.

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