After 65 years, a married couple in an old age wishes to have a child.

Marriage is a new beginning of life, people have recently fallen in love and started getting married in an interesting way. Two people living in Ritasairam Seva Ashram got married 1 year ago after crossing their age of 65 years. Rita Sapkota, director of the ashram, said that after reaching the ashram in old age after becoming destitute in old age, two people fell in love and got married while laughing and playing.

People feel that it is easier to end their lives when they have someone to support them than to live alone. He said that the happiness on the faces of the two people changed after they got married despite their age. He said that now they have a desire to have children. He said that he was very happy after the husband and wife lived together, but after the death of his wife, he felt lonely and went to the old age ashram.

For the elderly destitute people, now various social workers have opened institutions by bringing the legislative process of the Nepal government to all places, such organizations are important for the destitute people in the situation of receiving services from others. In the current situation, it is difficult to feed the people even to get their basic needs. After people have lost everything in their lives, they are tormented by loneliness, so that their lives feel empty and some even try to commit suicide.

Shiv Alemgar, a resident of Lalitpur, became destitute at the age of 65 after the death of his wife. He had one son who was married to his wife who was 5 years older than him, the son died and then after the death of his wife, he stayed at home alone. After losing everything in his life, his life was empty. He was unable to pay the rent of the room, people who were earning a living by building houses were unable to work when they reached the age, and the hailstorm that hit them caused more problems in their lives. After he lost everything, he sat in the room without even eating, giving up on life.

Gita Sairam, named by the Ashram, who could not speak or read, was also a mute. Gitapani, who did not know anything about herself, was rescued by the ashram after she became homeless. The Rima Seva Samaj was doing the work of rescuing the poor people and taking care of them. The people who were serving in the Rima Seva Society were continuously engaged in their service. After they were rescued by Rima Seva Samaj, their condition gradually improved.

While laughing and joking, their love started to grow, after the needy people got a little help, they started looking for help. They told Rima that they would get married after they agreed, when Rimal found out about her, they were in love and because one of them could not speak and the other was blind, he said that they would get married for each other’s support. They said that since they are in love, they will not interfere with the marriage anyway, Rima later said that they decided to get married before taking any other steps.

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