After a long time, Samiksha Adhikari comes to the media and says….

The singer Samsika Adhikari, who has been involved in the Nepali art scene since a young age, was once very popular. She was in the best position in the singer field, the audience’s choice. After her songs started getting success one after the other, she was not much talked about by the audience. She has said that when she sings a song about childhood, now she feels like crying when she remembers that age.

She said that even if people have different opinions, they should take it positively. She said that everyone works together in the house, since the house has cows, buffaloes and goats, she works happily. Although she used to work with Sano’s friends having fun, she said that now those friends are married, and now that they are grown up, she has not been able to get close to them.

She said that she is very interested in song music from a young age, and she has always pursued the goal of becoming a successful singer in life. Samiksha said that the most memorable moment in her life is her childhood. Although she had to be displaced from Nepali song music for some time, Mamta has said that the audience’s love has brought her to the music field soon.

She said that she did not think that she would return to the music field so soon in her life, but the audience’s love Mamta has come back to the music field. She has said that after finishing the recording work, she is busy in that work, now she is studying +2, because she could not join the music field because of the exam, now she has released “Aama Timibat” and “Mero Maya Mazak Gayo” in the album market. She said that she came. Since the song is so good, all the viewers have requested to watch it.

For a long time, she said that she could not do anything in the field of art, but due to the problem in her throat, she could not do music. She said that after her throat problem got better, she started taking music vocal lessons and the recording work is also going on in full swing. She has said that now she has started to advance her work by getting into the field of music again.

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