After a long time, when Samarika was found

Along with festival fairs, music videos are also coming day after day in the field of Nepali song music. As the great festival of Nepalese women is approaching Tij, Kalakars are busy to bring their special songs to the market. The shooting of the song “Teez Ko” is going on with Samarika Dhakal, Mejkan and Samarika acting and playing special roles. Remembrance has said that when she wears vermilion and acts, she feels as if she is married. Smarika said that everyone is in love with her, but she said that she is not in love.

On the occasion of Haritalika Tij, the great festival of Nepali women, the artists are busy in producing special songs of Tij. As artists are the jewels of the nation, they entertain the audience through their art and also give a positive message to the society, which makes people aware and positive. When the month of July begins, Nepali Hindu women fast, wear green bangles. They are busy in wearing clothes, so that they show their love and respect towards their husband.

Women are taken as a pillar of society and a woman who lights up the house, who prays that her home, family, husband, and society will always be good. When Haritalika Tej is approaching, the joy and enthusiasm of women increases. Women who observe fast without eating food, water or fruits are always engaged in the work of reminding the good of their family and husband. Unmarried women are fasting to wish their husbands well, while married women are wishing for the long life of their husbands and their bright future.

She has said that the comments made by various viewers on the network, if they make her happy, it is fine, and the comments made to hurt others make her feel bad too. After Jhapa’s souvenir Dhakal became a hit on Tiktok, she entered Kathmandu with many dreams, she said that she had to face many kinds of reactions while performing in Kathmandu. She says that after getting a divorce from her husband after a few years of marriage, people’s perspective is different.

She says that when she laughs and makes Tiktok, she gets drunk after leaving her husband. She has worked to win the hearts of the audience by putting the events that happened in her life into practice and expressing them in sweet words. Recently, people seem to be busy with Tiktok even if they don’t get a job. A person does not know anything until he feels it, when he starts to be bothered by different things, only then his life changes.

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