After Achal, Pal Shah married Garima three times Fans have such gossip

He is currently a very busy artist in the field of Nepali art. Hero Pal Shah. Paul, who is the busiest and chosen by the audience, is also active in social service. It is because of this success in the social and artistic fields that he has become so busy. He is currently preparing to release a music video. Pal Shah and Garima Sharma have the lead roles in the song titled Ekta Sapna Cha. The song is directed by Hari Humagai.

Protagonists Pal Shah and Hari Humagai had earlier made a movie called Kali. Hari Humagai says that Paul Garima and the entire team have worked hard for this song which has just been released. He says that this song has been prepared to give some difference in Nepali music video. Everyone has a dream. But different. The kind of work that Pal Shah did during Corona’s time and the respect that was given to him not only in real life but also as a real life hero. At the same time, he said that the concept of this song came to him. Paul even helped prepare the song.

Paul says that the things shown in this song are fictional things of Hari Humagai. He said that Paul Shah was not only presented in the video but also as a character representing all those who do such good deeds. This story tries to show all the characters involved in the field of music and art. It has become a tradition to wake up based on the headlines of the news presented in the media. Paul said that the content shown in the thumbnails and headlines may be different from the content presented in the video. This song and video is an attempt to show what is happening in real life. As shown in the video, let’s get married to anyone in real life till now.

Garima, who is seen in the lead role, says that she is a big fan of Pal Shah. She said that she has been consulting with Pal Shah for some of her work. He also said that Garima Pal is considered as a role model for him. He says that he has been motivated from the moment. She said that she has been cooperating with Paul in some work.
Director Ram says that he is also impressed by Garima’s hard work. He said that he was happy with Garima’s work.

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