After all-round criticism started, Rabbi said that he was ready to be punished if he brought evidence of money laundering

There has been a lot of criticism on social media against journalist Rabbi Lamichhane. He has written an 11-point long status on his Facebook. Recently, various questions have been raised regarding the issue of Janamitri Hospital near Ravi Lamichhane. Meanwhile, Rabbi has written a strict status.

Rabbi writes, I have written the status by taking a lot of time so as not to confuse anyone while respecting the wishes of the well-wishers, not to give an explanation to anyone. Please respond only by reading Buda Buda. People only hear here what they want to hear so do not waste to time explanation, says Rabbi. Rabbi adds, so those who say they should be just what they want may not read. It takes a long time. For the rest of the independent inquirers, I am trying to clarify in 11 points.

In point number 1, Rabbi writes, Janamitri Hospital is not mine, I do not have my own hospital. In those days when we had to struggle for a handful of breaths, we used to cover our faces with masks and remind those who were hiding. None of those hospitals are mine. No patients are my relatives.

I am in the forefront against any hospital that pays more than the Covid Protocol. The issue of people-friendliness will be studied in a more ruthless manner. He also wrote that he is preparing to present his program in a few weeks in a ruthless manner. He has also requested to bring a complaint with evidence. He adds that at the same time, he has written that he will be able to protest even with the evidence.

He urged the health workers and some of the people who are attacking us to take care of our sins and religion, saying that it is enough to save lives in the beginning and then we have to pay for it. I wish them a long life with God. The money sent by others to earn money from abroad is not given to the fake poor people who are branded with branded shoes and diamonds on both ears. But they have always been with the real victims, he wrote. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the media and the general public for exposing the realities of the victims who have been left behind due to negligence and raising this issue with the right intention. Support and cooperation will continue for all those who have been left behind.

Only after the Kovid epidemic came under control did you formally separate from Janamitri Hospital by writing a letter. We have fulfilled our responsibility in times of calamity. This is our service, not our profession. “We are always together,” he wrote in Stats. He has even written that he is ready for support and assistance till today.

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