After all, what is the new Corona? What is the difference between new and old?

A new phase and new complication of corona infection has started in Nepal. New variants of the corona has seen in different countries,It increased infection rates among young people and children. According to the doctor, the virus is a little different from old one.

The second wave of corona infection is on the rise in various cities including Kathmandu. Various studies have shown that the current corona virus is more contagious than before. The number of critically infected people has been increasing day by day for the past few days. About 50% of the patients under the age of 50 are infected this month. Which is double the number in comparison to the previous three months. Looking at the characteristics of the recent corona virus infection, a new species of infection is spreading in Nepal as well.

According to doctors, the current symptoms of corona are similar to those of the past, with cold pneumonia and more fatigue, mild fever and some general health problems. Even at different Hospitals, the beds are full of corona-infected patients. Many Indian as well as nepalies people are entering through the open NEpal-Indian border who are infected from new corona virus. Situation in india is even worse than Nepal, many people died where as many people are getting infected too at about 50 thousand per day in India.

The number of corona infections in India is increasing day by day. The open border seems to have had a direct impact on Nepal. Many Nepalis working there seem to be able to return to Nepal, as they have even announced a crackdown in many parts of India to control the growing number of infected people. Therefore, if the government neglects their management, there is a possibility of further spread of corona in Nepal.

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