After Balen, Rabi, singer Sanjay Shrestha entered Nepali politics

Changing Nepali politics, after the glorious victory of singer engineer Balen Sah in the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, a kind of happiness has spread among the people. After the people have been repeatedly deceived by political parties and old leaders, the idea that the current political leadership should be taken by young and independent candidates has taken root in the people. People who have been giving voice to various awakenings saying that society is changing are now appearing in Nepali politics day by day.

With the turnout at the local level, and the message that the people are now ready, the leaders and activists are on the verge of becoming independent candidates. After Balen Sah, famous journalist Rabbi Lamichhane appeared in Nepali politics, and from the field of Nepali song and music, famous singer Sanjay Shrestha, who has succeeded in winning the hearts of the Nepali audience, has also announced on his social network that he will contest the federal election. Shrestha has announced his candidature from Kathmandu Constituency No. 6.

He said that the singer, who had contested the House of Representatives election from Rappa even before Yash, is still fighting from the party if he is given a ticket believing in the party and will move forward in his own way if not. He said that his parents had joined the Nepali Congress at first but later he contested the election from a different party as his ideology was different. Talking to the party, he said that he was leading from Constituency No. 6. He said that although the issue of holding elections in November has not been fixed, he has been continuously moving ahead with the work to be done for the elections.

In recent times, leaders and activists have been quick to announce their candidacies. He said that he has two candidatures with the objective of managing the issues of roads, sewerage, sanitation, etc., and moving ahead with the development works in a way that is convenient for the common people. He said that he was running for office to address the basic needs of the people. He said that after being involved in Nepali politics for 12 years, he has embraced the fact that any leader does politics only for himself and his family.

He said that he was taking steps in the belief that politics should be transformed into social service by removing people who have made politics their profession from this field. Shrestha said that people who used to be squatters and squatters are sitting in palaces today and they have given a different definition of Nepali politics. “Even though people have a habit of blaming God, now that they have reached the respective areas, they will continue to serve the people by looking at politics as a source of income and social service,” he said. He said that he will always respect his music and move forward.

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