After Dancing Star Nepal was out, Amarbika Jodi laughed in the media, imitating the judges. Amarbika

As the devastation of Korana subsided, one competition after another was conducted, participating in Nepal Nitya Star. Amar Amrit Dahal, who is a regular at the Tiktok College program, said that he has learned a lot by participating in the regular program. Choreographer Kebika Khatri says that they have been taught very well. She says Kebika now calls the two men “professionals” and does whatever she is told to do at the same time.

Since people from all walks of life are equally interested in the field of art, people from home and abroad come to Nepal to participate in the daily competition. Even when he was out, he was well-liked by the judges. After he was out, he imitated the judges and laughed. She said that even though choreographer Kebika has always been with Joe, she still has the feeling of doing well. She said that after losing the competition, she felt like she had lost her ability to work.

When a person participates in any game, there is a rule of success and failure, that teaches people a lot. “During these four months, we have had the opportunity to get close to a lot of people, to learn a lot about how to show off our talents on stage,” said Tim. For people in general, given the opportunity to learn so many things, Nitya Star has done a great job for people who want to get involved in this field, he said. He said that he was very happy to be inspired by the love, affection and harmony of the new man.

He said that he was very sad when he left the place where he had decorated his dream. He said that he was deeply saddened by not being able to fulfill his goals and desires in human life. He said that he was very happy with the response of the judges and spectators that he was getting one after the other and that he was saddened when he came out on the basis of a sudden vote. A person constantly pursues his career and pursuit of his goals, which does not allow his journey to succeed. A person has to work very hard to take the steps of his struggle forward, which is why he has an important role to play in taking the steps forward.

He said that even though he gave his full support to the blacks, they left after not getting the votes. Santosh, who has been constantly struggling in the field of Nepali art, says that he thinks that he will not leave now. He has said that he is fully prepared for the second round and is moving forward with his journey. When a person competes, they have to work hard to win. He said that when he heard that he was out, it was as if he had lost his temper.

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