After enrolling Sachin Pariyar in Naya School, mother returned home crying.

Her mother and journalists Mohan Basnet and Bhokraj Bhatt entrusted her to study at Sachin Periyar Punah Bhadrakali Shiksha Sadan. They have requested that the school should give good feedback, that the school should be responsible for the future of the children, that the parents should also give full support, and that the school should not be stressed. He said that updates about Sachin can be found from the school’s website and Facebook page.

The viral Sachin Pariyar, who used to sing songs saying “What’s up sir, it’s fine sir”, after being stranded for some time, after falling into the hands of the team of Bhojraj Thapa, Mohan Basnet, Jeevan Pandey, etc., Baneshwar Bhadrakali Education Institution in the hostel to teach him again till 10 An agreement has been made to teach free of charge. He said that they are working to educate him with a positive message even to those who say that Sachin was spoiled by the journalist. Seeing Sachin’s talent, he can still do something in the future by studying and raising him. Help has come from people in the country and abroad.

Although Sachin was first given free education up to +12 in Kathmandu, after some time his father took him home, Sachin’s future was in doubt. Sachin and Sonia’s mother, who brought them to Pokhara, has said that after seeing their children eating with pain and begging, they will take care of their children themselves. Sachin’s mother said that after the husband brought a friend’s wife, he did not let her stay with him and Babu, who was liked by many people, has now made his condition critical. She said that even though she came with the second boy, he also cheated on her. Sachin has said that even though he has another mother, he does not feel right.

She has said that now she is going to work in the hotel to collect the rent, clean the bed and sweep the bed. Sachin, who became viral by singing a song at a young age, saying, “Hey, sir,” reached Indreni with media’s support, Krishna Kadel arranged to teach him till 12. Sachin Pariyar, who went viral with his speech and song music and melodious voice, was given free education up to class 12 in the best Himalayan boarding school in Kathmandu. According to the principal of the school, Netra Upadhyay, Sachin’s father would come to the school and threaten him saying that he is my son and I can do anything and he has informed that he has not come to school since 6 months.

A video of Sachin Pariyar, who is very popular, asking for good school conditions, even recording songs, has gone viral on social media. Although the school arranged to teach Sachin and his sister Sonia for free, his father said that since the program is being carried out day by day, the standard of education is decreasing. In recent times in Nepal, people suddenly go viral and disappear, people are brought into the limelight by the media for two to four days, and then they are celebrated.

Lately, it is seen that child artists suddenly come into the limelight, when they come into the limelight, everyone’s attention is drawn to those children, and then it becomes a regular process. Sachin Pariyar, a child singer born in Tamghas Racing municipality of Gulmi district, has heated up the Nepali music scene some time ago. The role she played in the singing field from a young age seems to be important. In the moments of struggle, the father was also very supportive, children can also do well if they get the right kind of information.

Music changes the world, people are incomplete without music, music is such a simple thing by the use of which people imagine a new world. It is music that understands the character of a person, music determines the daily life of a person, music is providing entertainment to people by taking the trivial things of the world. During the lockdown, the father and son were carrying on their sewing business in Tamghas of Gulmi district, after the palace they lived in Kathmandu was not occupied.

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