After filing a petition in the Supreme Court, Prachanda said, “फैसला पुनरवलोकन हुन्छ भन्ने विश्वास छ”

Recently, the comrade “Prachanda” came out of the Supreme Court located at Rajaspath, Kathmandu. From there, he talks out the verdict of the Supreme Court. According to him, two important verdicts was presented by the Court. One is about parliament reconstruction which was welcomed by the Nepalese people by open heart and second one is is about changing the name of the party.

This second one verdict is presented in falgun 23, and this verdict was not liked and accepted by the comrade prachanda and his team. According to him, this verdict is unnatural, un behavioral and related to the favor of political party. He posted the petition to the supreme court in concerned that the verdict of the court related to change of the party name was not good and does not seems natural. The senior leaders of the team comrade Narayan Kaji, Shambu Thapa are also in the support of Prachnda.

According to him if any questioned raised against the verdict of The Supreme Court, then the court reviewed the verdict and make the appropriate decision on it in before as well and Dahal hope the same result from the court in this matter as well. He added that he does not want to broke the party in two’s. His only motto was the correction of the party name but because of some issues and conspiracy of the political people the case goes opposite to them and they want to re correct it. He hope to reviewed petition soon and also hope to come out the real truth from the court.

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