After five days of hospital stay, Madan Krishna Shrestha returned home

After five days of hospital stay, Madan Krishna Shrestha returned home safe, this information was publish by his son Yaman Shrestha ” Dear friends, relatives and families, My father was taken to Ganga Lal Hospital in the middle of the night after suffering from chest pain last Friday night. On Saturday, a team of expert doctors from Ganga Lal Hospital removed two blood stents by placing two stents in the angioplasty medical procedure.

After a five-day hospital stay, we returned home on Wednesday. My father is fine now. The doctor has instructed the father to rest for about 4 weeks and then he will continue his life with the same energy under his own direction following the instructions of the doctors.In a few weeks, doctors have given strict instructions that there is no facebook, no social media, no too much news, no too much mobile, no too much phone conversation, no zoom, no outing, no film shooting, no program. Fall into things.

The most important thing is health, so he has come to the hospital shaking his head saying “smile” in front of the doctors. I believe that the father will accept the doctor’s words one hundred percent.Now we have all won Covid.
Everyone should be aware and stay safe in this epidemic of Corona. Even if the corona is already stuck, you should make the mind strong that the corona should be won.

As the morning comes after every night, the beautiful morning of all of us is approaching again. Everyone will be vaccinated. Good day, good life and good luck to all.

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