After getting a new patner, Anju Panta life changed

Singer Anju Pant has said that she was given pure love by Thir Koirala. Speaking on the occasion of Love Day, Anju said, “A book has hundreds of pages. It contains hundreds of stories and events. Unexpected hours come more than expected. I am also surprised that I did not want to get married. ‘Anju said that she has known Thir for 4 years.

Anju mentioned that Thir had given her pure love. Regarding the marriage, she said, “We have been close for four years. However, the issue of marriage has only moved forward since last year. After talking to the family and agreeing to move forward, about this relationship.

Anju said that there was no jealousy, or restlessness in Thiru and that she liked the habit of calm nature. Stating that her love day is special, Anju said, “Love is important in everyone’s life. But lately, people are taking Valentine’s Day as a fashion. Valentine’s Day is just about fashion. Love in adolescence and love now will be different. ‘

She said that there is love, respect and respect in love and that the love of a couple who understands this will be successful. Anju said, “There should be more love, harmony, respect and concern.” Both of them should respect each other. ‘Anju even sang’ Timi Roeko Pal Timi ‘included in the movie’ Aishwarya ‘on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

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