After getting out of Dancing Star, Dr. Santosh left Kathmandu

As the devastation of Korna subsided, one competition after another was conducted, participating in Nepal Nitya Star.  Since people from all walks of life are equally interested in the field of art, people from home and abroad come to Nepal to participate in the daily competition.

Santosh said that his family was ready to go out and even though he had to stay in Kathmandu for his shooting, he went to Pokhara with his family after leaving.  Choreographer Sunita says she knows why people cry on stage after she goes out.  He said that he was very sad when he left the place where he had decorated his dream.  He said that he was deeply saddened by not being able to fulfill his goals and desires in human life.

He said that he was very happy when he got the performer of the week and he was sad when he came out on the basis of sudden vote.  After failing to make it to the top 9 of the night, Santosh is scheduled to leave Kathmandu the next morning.  A person constantly pursues his career and pursuit of his goals, which does not allow his journey to succeed.

A person has to work very hard to take the steps of his struggle forward, which is why he has an important role to play in moving his steps forward.  He said that even though he gave his full support to the blacks, they left after not getting the votes.  Santosh, who has been constantly struggling in the field of Nepali art, says that he thinks that he will not leave now. He has said that he is fully prepared for the second round and is moving forward with his journey.

Santosh says that even though it is not always his job, he is interested.  Santosh said that they are going to Pokhara with their family because of their family’s work in Pokhara.  He said that when he heard that he was out, it was as if he had lost his temper.

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