After her son filed a case against Bima Kumari Dura, she came with evidence including a lawyer. She was trapped in this way by a swindler.

Popular singer Bima Kumari Dura, who has made her own identity from the Nepali song code, is in great pain right now.  You have to lose in a moment.  In Kathmandu, Bima built a small house on 3 acres of land, believing in the people of his own village and due to the petty greed of the tax office staff, now a big incident has taken place, said advocate Rajusrota Adhikari, who is fighting the insurance case.  After realizing that she was being treated unfairly by the court, she started appearing in the media along with Bima Raman.

Her lawyer had filed the lawsuit after Bima lost her property, but she was even more upset when her own children filed the lawsuit.  She said that the court has stopped giving justice to the victim and has given her more pain.  The folk singer, who has been in the minds of millions of viewers, says that she is now homeless.  She said that many people are suffering like her as they are getting into trouble one by one.  She says her own man ran away with a check when she tried to sell the house she had been living in.

In the present situation, people have started a fraudulent business by making it a business.  She said that the people of her own district, after looking at various things, believed that it was a business of money, knowing the people of her own village well.  After talking to her and giving her a check, she said that they had agreed to sell the house.  She said that she was abused even when she was cheated in Nepal. She said that she knew about the law after she was cheated.  Dura said that such sinners should never be born on this earth.

She said that she had to endure even such a heinous act in the life of a human being.  Dura said that she has been deceived by many people, she has earned honesty by not cheating on anyone, because she is also a mother, she said that no mother should give birth to a person who does such wrong deeds.  She said that she was very sad when she shared the matter on Facebook when she was cheated.  She said that she was saddened by the sudden loss of her property by earning a living for the rest of her life.  She says that the singer from a village has been struggling immensely in her life, making her steps successful, having started having good dreams in her life.

She said that the people of the cooperative are also suffering a lot now.  She says that when she believes in someone’s tongue, she has not slept for a year.  She said that even though she was told to return the property from Oda, she had to live as a victim till now as she had been cheated

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