After Japan’s Badri Pangeni went viral, he laughed when he came to Kathmandu to meet the Supreme

Although his parents are from Nepal, he was born and brought up in Japan and is a big fan of the popular singer Badri Pangeni. Badri Pangeni is the name of Badri Pangeni who used to listen to Badri Pangeni songs from a young age and had the courage to imitate them. Badri Pangeni’s name, Sahash, who gained popularity in Japan, became very viral after the interview with Badri Pangeni came out when he came to Nepal.

They met when Sahash expressed his desire to sing a song with Supreme Mall which is famous for the voice of kids. Supreme and Courage and his father gave an interview to Laliguras Daily and also had fun singing songs. Sahas, who has Japanese citizenship, calls himself a Japanese citizen. He has said that he likes the songs of Badri Pangeni very much. He has said that he has memorized all the songs of 5 years of courage live. Apart from giving a positive message to Nepali society through his songs, he has brought songs to the market that make the government angry through his talent.

By engaging in the field of Nepali folk singing, he has played an important role in social change. He said that Pangeni, who has assets of crores in the village, has continued his journey by becoming the cause of the happiness of the people of the village. Bardi Pangeni, who is also the president of the National Folk Recitation Institute, is a popular singer of the people. Born in Rampur of Palpa, Badri went to his village with his wife and daughter and came to Media with the people of the village. Pangeni, who is the favorite of everyone in the village, is the favorite singer of the country. His songs touch the hearts of the audience. Bihani, the daughter of Badri, said that although she was born and brought up in Kathmandu, she later fell in love with the soil of Rampur, but lately, she has been struggling in this area.

She said that since she was born and raised in Kathmandu, she was in love with the soil of Rampur, so she used to introduce herself to anyone as a citizen of Rampur. She said that even though her father was born in the village, she moved around the village more than she, did and was close to the people of the village and the village. Badri Pangeni said that her wife never married her and went to a second house, she said that she did not feel that she was someone’s daughter-in-law, because she always behaved as if she was someone’s daughter and sister. Pangeni, who lives in the hearts of the village elders and children, is presented as a fun character that makes everyone laugh. He said that when Badri made his name famous as a national singer, it was a matter of pregnancy for the citizens of Rampur.

He said that he has a good relationship with everyone in the society, even if he goes to a place outside, he gets special respect from the place where singer Badri Pangeni was born. An old man from Rampur said that since Badri was a good fisherman from a young age, he never hurts anyone. Villagers have said that everyone in the village used to go and sit with Badri, talking happily and having fun. He has said that Badri, gathers the children from a young age and sings songs, recites bhasan, and does fun activities, and when he grows up, he feels joy and happiness because he is working for the country. He has said that Badri is the person who is loved by all the people of the village and will be the cause of their happiness and sorrow.

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