After landing in Kathmandu, Rishi Dhamla’s reporting from the airport

Dhamala, a journalist and media entrepreneur, is often the subject of controversy. But such controversies do not make any difference to him. She has her own style. Dhamla has once again been in controversy. Due to a serious mistake made by him, the Press Council Nepal has written a letter to Dhamala instructing him to submit an explanation within 24 hours.

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has been asked for a 24-hour explanation for his actions against the Code of Conduct for Journalists during his visit to India. Dhamla is the host of Prime Times Television and has been conducting various programs. The council has objected to the content being aired on Prime TV.

In the program, the report titled ‘Rishi Dhamala’s reporting from the airport after landing in Kathmandu, this happened after the security stopped him’ drew attention to the material broadcast live from inside the plane. While Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was returning to Nepal after an official visit to India, Dhamala had taken a video from inside the plane without permission and broadcast it on the program.

Dhamla himself was part of Deuba’s visiting team. In the video he broadcast, the airline staff repeatedly said that it should not be done contrary to the security protocol, it can be heard and seen. It is said that the airport staff did not allow him to do so, but he entered and conducted a video interview. According to the council, the monitoring showed that they had forcibly entered the restricted area and recorded the communication.

Also, some time ago, media person Dhamala entered the meeting place of Nepal Bar without permission and tried to broadcast it live, said Immigration Officer Surendra Malla.

The letter said, “There is a provision in the Code of Conduct for Journalists, 2073 (First Amendment, 2076) that journalists and the media should disseminate information in a polite and courteous manner and use social etiquette and dignified working style in professional practice.” Therefore, ignoring the security sensitivities, what is the reason for the live broadcast including the footage of the journalists and the media forcibly entering the restricted area rather than the airline staff being allowed to broadcast due to the security sensitivities?

Why such unprofessional activities have happened from time to time? How is it that the dignity and credibility of the journalism sector has been negatively affected? The letter of explanation has been sent to the chairperson of the Press Council Nepal, the chief officer, spokesperson and information officer of the Press Council Nepal.

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