After Nita’s marriage, Amesh told about the pain of breakup and talked about new love.

After Amesh Bhandari’s breakup with Nita, who went viral on Tiktok recently, he said that he got used to fighting more strongly. He said that since Bhim BC’s song “Saram Jha” has become very good, many people like it on Tik Tok as well. He has said that he has been making videos and uploading them to Tiktok ever since Tiktok came to YouTube, and some people wrote it wrong without knowing it.

He said that he is living alone and happy after the breakup. He said that although he was not very close with Vim bc in the past, he said that he had a very good relationship in recent times. He said that although he did not make music videos before, now he is slowly making music videos and getting good response from audience. He said that people become stronger after separation and a new path is built.

In TikTok, a social networking site, people go viral with their gestures, acting, sweet words. Bhim has said that this song, which is about to be released in the market from Bhim BC YouTube channel, has been released in a way that will give a positive response to the society. Amesh has said that it was wrong to say that he became viral on Tik Tok after his ex-girlfriend’s marriage, and because others have added old videos, it has brought something wrong.

He said that after the marriage of his lover, the floor did not increase much. He said that because he makes videos by giving positive feedback to the society, he connects with his lover. He said that he is not in love with anyone now, he is happy alone, but he said that he will get married in 3-4 years. Nita has said that she and Mamta have given the art they have in the song with the aim of making the song better. Amesh said that since one or two media outlets were printing wrong news, it did not affect him.

There are many people who go viral overnight and change their lives through TikTok, while some people lose their lives while spending their time on TikTok and making videos. This yap, which has become twenty for some and nectar for some, has changed the lives of many people. Even the people who went viral from Tik Tok, are now famous celebrities, the users of the popular Yap are increasing day by day.

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