After not hitting the six paws 4 said Mundre! Do not eat too much salt.

Jitu Nepal (Mundre), who has been working together for a long time with Deepak Raj, Dipashree Niraula Magne Budha, has said that Chakka Panja is not himself. He said that even though he was not in the foursome, since they had a good friendship, he used to come during the shooting as well. He said that even if people feel a bit salty when they are not, but if they eat too much salt, people will get sick, so it is okay to be a little salty.

He said that he did not go because the story did not ask for it this time, he said that he is also preparing for a new movie. After the closure of the comedy club in Mundre, which he was running, many viewers complained, he said that he is preparing for the third series. He said that while working at Theteer, he was very hurt and abused at the beginning, but now he is happy that many programs are going on. He said that Umesh Rai (Phulende ki Aama), who acted in Mundre Comedy Club, is his younger brother and that Chanchle is of the Howdy type. He said that he was hurt when he started working without asking him.

Since the announcement was made in the temple, who made it in the temple now? Deepak Raj has said that the three projects that he is going to do have been registered with the Development Board. Deepak Board has been registered. The production team has said that Deepak Sarma, Krishna Vardoj are the composers of the movie and Rajendra Thapa has written a good song. Deepak Raj has said that since he could not meet with us for a long time due to covid, he is also upset and he is very happy to come back with Chakka Panja 4 after 4.5 years, he said that something has changed in this movie.

Deepak Raj Giri, Dipashree Niraula, Benisa Hamal, Malina, Raj Acharya, Parikasha Limbu, Lunibha, Susma Niraula, Bikas Sah, Kali Budhi, Ramesh Budhathoki, Subas Gajurel, Niru Raja, Anurag Kuvar, Sushil, Magne Budha, Buddhi Tamang in the movie. , Rabi Dangol and many other actors have been included in the movie. Deepak Raj has said that he is going to fight because he is afraid when he makes a movie and that fear strengthens the spirit that motivates him to work. Dipashree has said that even though everyone wants to become a director, Udeshya has become an artist with the intention of becoming a poly maker.

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