After Paul Shah went to Kalagar, for the first time, Puja Sharma

Puja Sarma and Akash, who are very interested in Nepali film industry and music video, have been awarded two awards in the same place. Puja, a friend who struggled with grief, said she was saddened by not being able to share happiness in times of happiness. Akas and Puja Paul said that she was unwilling to go out as she was innocent.

Puja said that she has been praying day and night for her friend to get justice as soon as possible. He said that he felt bad when he wrote the news by exaggerating the fact that no one else was there. Puja has told.

Actresses Pooja Sarma and Paul Sah, who have been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, had been in the hall for some time now. Yes, it was a matter of great concern, but Puja said that when she visited the hall, she saw the presence and love of the audience, the artiste did a good job, and in any case, he proved that the audience is very much in love with God.

Pooja says that Paul was always in her heart, Paul was always in her heart, Paul was always in her heart, the two were incomplete without each other. Since the audience saw how Paul lived for a year, Puja told Paul that no one could do anything about it. Puja said that the film industry, which was raining down due to Korna, felt overwhelmed when she saw the crowd of viewers watching the film made by the two of them.

The film, which was made with a lot of confidence, to get a good response in the market, he was constantly doing his own thing. As the movie’s release date draws to a close, critics have released an audio recording of Paul, who is linked to the movie, and Paul, who is worried that the movie will lose a lot, has won the hearts of viewers. She says she is confident there will be no injustice.

Puja Sarma seems to have a hard time coping with what her film looks like. While making the film, Lakdown shattered some of her dreams, but she continued to work hard and said that she is happy to be honored with the award today. . “Even if I don’t work hard enough to make a film, if I don’t appreciate my hard work, I may have to leave the film industry,” she said.

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