After performing one miracle after another, Mayor Balen himself took to the streets

After Mayor Balen Sah himself went to the streets and started working continuously, there was happiness in the people. He said that Mayor Balen Shah himself will go to the streets and ask the consumers to separate the rotting and non-rotting garbage and keep the garbage separately, and he will also fine those who litter. The waste in Sisidol was disposed of quickly, the people there were given medical treatment, and new work was started, and the people were happy.

The metropolis has now created two routes to manage the waste, the first route will collect the rotable waste on Sunday and Wednesday, while the second route will collect the non-rotable waste on Tuesday. The waste taken in this way will be managed separately. It has been said that they will use the rotting waste for fertilizer and other activities, and they will start making new things from the non-rotting waste. In the situation where various initiatives are being taken to make Kathmandu clean and odor free, there is a ban on throwing garbage everywhere. Now according to the rules of the metropolis, a fine was imposed on the company that dumped garbage in Dhobi river.

After the video of people throwing garbage in Dhobi River went viral on Sunday and Monday, the Metropolitan Corporation investigated it. After the investigation, the city placed a leaflet on the social media where the waste disposal company was fined 25,000, and requested to inform the city if such incidents were found. Even though Mayor Balen Shah worked immediately for the waste management of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, in the long term, to produce gas from waste, to use the leftovers as fertilizer, to bring a new state-of-the-art modern machine from Japan to use the gas and manure in Nepal. They have said that steps have been taken. He said that this work will be started in some time as he will not only give assurances but also work.

He said that since organic fertilizers are very necessary to protect the fertility of the soil, we will act in such a way as to get more benefits from the waste that we have not been able to manage in the future. Balen said that since it is the rainy season now, if there is a problem with the road, the garbage is sent by using the vehicles that can go during the day. Even the garbage in Kathmandu has reached a situation where some people have to die due to illness. Since garbage has been piled up in Sisdol for a long time, some of them have demanded that their family members die soon, and that their children do not die in the future.

A health camp has been conducted in Sisdol to understand the health condition of people who have had health problems due to garbage for two decades. It is said that the health camp has been conducted keeping the health of the locals as a special priority, the local residents happily thanked Balen Shah. Even if the garbage is piled outside in one place, its stench will spread to many places, so after adding chemicals to remove the stench, they will deliver the garbage after ten days. In the coming days, he has quickly implemented the work given by the Council of Ministers and moved the work forward, since everyone in the cabinet, from the Minister to the MPs, is in favor of managing the waste, the development of Kathmandu in the coming days.

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