after Pooja shook his fan in the hall, Akash was angry that he would not lose his temper.

The audience who came to watch the movie hall to forget the memory, supported Pooja and Aakas by standing in two different places. After seeing that the audience was not so enthusiastic to watch the movie, he said that the movie was bad because the stardom of Akas and Pooja was less. Akash and Pooja, who had a good relationship some time ago, later after their relationship broke down, when Akash’s fans praised him by name in Astanarayan Hall, Pooja asked Akash’s fans who they were in the movie.

Because the story of the movie is not old and new, but the movie is prepared by taking human life, everyone has reacted by watching the movie. Although the viewers expressed their enthusiasm to watch Pooja’s other movies, the rift in the relationship between Akash and Pooja Bich in this movie has resulted in the reaction of the audience not watching the movie. Seeing the feedback from the audience, I feel that what I did was good. She said that she did. He said that Darsal touched his heart because the subject matter of the movie was good. He said that Akas should work together with the love given by the audience and respect their love.

He said that two people who are enjoying in the movie industry, they call by their names. He said that what things happen in people’s lives, how they affect their lives, how they make their lives is in their hands. Akash Shrestha Puja Sarma said that they are not far away and they are working closely with friendship. Kalakar Pooja Sarma and Aakash Shrestha, who have been loved by the audience in the music video and film industry, had come to a standstill some time ago and even stopped speaking.

In the music video that was shot some time ago, after it came out that Aakas and Pooja returned after shooting, there was a discussion on social media giving various reactions. He said that Pooja and Akash, regardless of what some media say, because the audience likes them, they will continue to work as two wheels of the same car. The two said that they have a close friendship, even though sometimes they cannot talk because of the stress of work and they are working separately. The movie “Remembering Birsna” was released on June 31st, starring actress Pooja Sharma, who is known as a successful actress in the Nepali film industry.

This song was shot in Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Thamel. Pooja, who was seen with Akas in this movie, said that it would be easier for her to work with Paul, because she would be able to joke with him, she remembers him every moment. She said that there are many people who praise Puja when they are close to her, and criticize when they are far away. After a long time, when Pooja and Aakash were paired in the movie Yaman Birsna, Pooja said why should she worry if she is a person who is holding on to her hotness. Pooja, who is in love with war, has said that she should stop blaming people for the same accusation.

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