After Rajesh Hamal said that he would dance with Kamala Ghimire’s daughter

Rajesh Hamal, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali cinema for a long time, has been seen in the performances of artists of the same generation. After awakening the passion to work together, the audience also tends to love the acting ability within the artist.

Srikali Chaur, the place where most of the shooting takes place in Kathmandu, is also known as sports as most of the music videos and movies are shot in this place. Singer, actor Karuna Rai, Kamala Ghimire in this song, directed by Devendra Powde. A new music video starring Rajesh Hamal is about to be released.

In a village program, Kamala Ghimire, a viral child singer, who has gained a lot of popularity by singing folk songs, has been having fun in Srikali Chaur since before she was born. Singer Karuna Rai, who has been struggling in the field of song music for a long time, says that she collaborated with Hamal in the third song.

She said that she has been a fan of Hamal since she was 9 years old and even though she used to think that she would never meet him, now she is happy to dance with him in three music videos. Hamal said that he has made a pickle to work with all the team, Hamal has directed this song, Devendra is his first director Kafi Saathi. Debendra said that it was good because it was a typical song composed by Raju Pariyar and Karuna.

Debendra said that this song should be liked by all as it has the role of famous artists and it shows the typical things. Since Karuna has liked Hamal since he was a child, both of them said that he had gifted the shirt by matching the colors. Kamala said that even though Rajesh Dai was considered an uncle at first, after meeting him, he felt like a firefighter. She said that she was a little scared while working with him.

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