After Rashmi was declared dead by the media

News of corona infection in Nepali artists has been heard a lot. For the past few days, news has
been coming on social media about the death of artist Rashmi Bhatt, including a tribute. Rashmi
says that she was very sad when the news of her death came on the day she saw her mother’s

Rashmi said that the article about her death had caused problems for her and her family. In fact,
the reason for this incident is about the song that was out the night before the day to see the
mother’s face. In the song, Rashmi has played in the scene of death. In fact, the news was written
for the publicity of the song. But when the journalist could not pay attention to the headline of
the news, the news of Rashmi’s death spread everywhere.

While the news of her death was being spread on social media and news media, it added mental
problems to Rashmika’s family. Rashmi herself looked at the posts made by paying homage to
her in Tiktak. Rashmi says that repeated phone calls from family, relatives and well-wishers have
made her doubt that she is still alive. She said she and her husband had received several phone
calls. She said that she felt as if she had reached heaven without dying, and she cried when she
saw the tribute in her name. But she felt a kind of tolerance in the artist’s family.

She has lodged a complaint with the Press Council against the media for publishing the news of
her death. But she said that it was easy to apologize for the mistake they had made in writing the
news. He also said that mistakes are made by human beings. She said that the Press Council
would investigate the incident but the Artists’ Association would also assist in the incident. As
the process of paying tribute continues, there is a problem in how to solve this problem. As many
online outlets have disseminated this news, it has been shared in many groups and will continue
to reach different countries.

While paying homage to the dead while she was alive, she remembered her mother and told him
that she was in great pain. Her mother has been taking heart medicine for the past 15 years. She
said that she and her family only filtered many things and told them to her mother. She asks what
would have happened to her if someone had suddenly spoken to her about the news on social
media. She said that she found out from this incident that there are well-wishers who

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