After reaching Balen Sah to see the rainbow, the local people flocked

Balen Sah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, came to see the double competition held in Pokhara to enhance the program, there was a crowd of local people. Audiences flocked to watch the performance of Indreni, a program for the revival of language culture and culture. A beautiful and civilized folk dance was organized to revive the dance.

In the program held in Pokhara, mayors and deputy mayors of various municipalities, leaders and activists participated. The Indreni program is a program that continues to advance its journey to preserve culture and traditions. The rainbow program that has been awakening people has become like a temple. Being a talented charioteer of the Nepali people, he is a great person who helps the poor people by going to their homes and helping them.

People who donate when they are with them and help others when they are not, people of Bhavna come to the Indreni program. He has treated thousands of people who have not received treatment, and he has drawn the future of millions of people. In order to make Kathmandu metropolis clean and beautiful, Balen Sah has been continuously working on cleaning the streets even at night. For the immediate and long-term improvement of the road, SAH has given the first priority to the work that needs to be improved immediately.

They have debated with the concerned people including people from other areas such as road division office, electricity, water, security etc. He warned everyone to take steps for long-term development without any comments coming from any place tomorrow. Balen won’t be a matter of victory and defeat as he will win, he will never let the confidence of the people of Kathmandu that he deserves to be broken, instead of celebrating the victory now, he has fulfilled the promises he made in the manifesto and has been able to address the demands of the people. He has requested his supporters not to celebrate Din Bijay Utsab.

Balen Sah, who was born in Ekdara village 2 of Mahottari, the ancestral house of Balen Sah, who became the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has not come to the village for a long time, says Sail Debi, who works at his house. In Balen Sah’s ancestral house, one Dhara village office is in operation, while Balen’s father, Dr. Ram Narayan Sah, is in charge of moving some rooms. Since he has a house in Kathmandu and Janakpur, his stay in the village is rare, since his grandfather has movable and immovable property, he has the opinion of doing good work. Balen’s real name is Balendra Sah, 31-year-old Balen was born and raised in Nardebi, Kathmandu. He is also an engineer and the winner of Nepali Rap Battle season two.

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