After reaching , Chitwan, Achal was not recognized by Udip’s family and uncles.

Achal Sarma went to Chitwan and introduced Udeep’s family while the movie was playing in Jingedau Hall. In the eyes of Achal Mamaju, who gave an interview to the family, he said that Sanskari Guni is a kind family. Susura said that the story of the movie that is being made now is very good. Achal has given an interview along with Udip’s sisters and parents.

The family said that he got a lot of appreciation after entering the film industry and hoped to get similar response from the audience in the days to come. After watching the movie, 45 elderly people from Pasupati Elderly Labor in Xingedau, all of them had tears in their eyes. Son daughter-in-law and Deurani Jethani crying seeing the family quarrel, while the old man started crying, Keki and Achal became emotional. Actress Keki Adhikari and Aanchal Sarma, who appeared in Jingedau movie as Chanachle Chulbule, has appeared in the movie showing Maya Prem, a family fight.

Actress Aanchal Sarma has said that the movie Jingedau, which was released on August 17, directed by Gyanendra Deuja, should not be trolled. Aanchal Sarma said that although she does not fight with Udeep, she gets very stressed when he gets angry. The actress, who has been struggling in Nepali cinema for a long time, is bringing one movie after another to the market. She said that she is ready to do a movie with a scene that she did not do. In the movie, Aanchal Sarma Kusal is in love, because it is only exciting, Bhabhi Din swears how to move her life forward.

Achal said that the film production team should work hard and not troll in any way while producing the film according to the wishes of the audience. The film stars Keki Adhikari, Aanchal Sharma, Mukun Bhushal and Kushal Bista in lead roles. Screenplay and dialogue written by Pradeep Bharadwaj, the film has music by Arjun Pokharel and choreography by Ramji Lamichhane. The film is shot by Vishnu Ghimire and edited by Mitra Di Gurung. He has said that he is sure that the audience will like the song that all the four artists have prepared with the aim of making it better by themselves, hard work and dedication.

He said that this song composed by Arjun Pokharel is very good. The movie, Jingedau, which was shot on the occasion of the wedding of famous actress Keki Adhikari and Achal Sarma, is getting ready to hit the theaters after the wedding of the two actresses. Kiki Adhikari, who is in an arranged marriage, is ashamed that if she talks about her marriage too much, she will start to feel ashamed. After getting married, she said that she became a happy girl, and when she got a supportive husband, she got support, encouragement and inspiration in every one of her activities.

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